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​국제 경영

Since 2013


Prove your Entrepreneurship

As one of the most famous business competitions in the KAIAC league, Korea Business Competition (KBC) has been holding business competitions since 2013.


Many international schools have participated in KBC and achieved more knowledge in real-world business and startup ideas. 

Join KBC and prove your business skills and entrepreneurship. 


2023 Spring Prompt

Having ESG or CSR as the company's  core value, create a company that tackles a specific environmental issue in Asia

Mentoring Session

KBC offers mentoring sessions consisting of experienced professionals who are passionate about helping young entrepreneurs to gain the economic knowledge they need. Join KBC and see how KBC can help you reach your business pursuits and innovation. 

International Schools that joined KBC

Join KBC and compete with students from diverse international schools

Modern Architecture

Go Beyond Innovation

It’s the key to understanding the world around us. KBC strives to provide students with the best learning opportunity, environment, and takeaways to help them navigate the complexities of the global economy. Our team of experts is constantly working on the latest economic trends in order to provide tailored solutions that are tailored to the world's needs. Join us and become a better buisnessman. 

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