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Korea Business Competition (KBC) is a self-sustaining professionally led organization that has successfully held competitions, conferences, and workshops over the past nine years. Currently, KBC is allianced with more than 350 participants from a minimum of 20 top-level international and foreign schools. KBC bridges the academic and competitive gap between students from all around the world through business competitions, workshops, and conferences.

"Creating global visionaries with experience in planning and leading business projects of their own."

since 2013

KBC facilitates competitive cooperation, academic research, and professional business plan presentations every year with a semiannual competition. The spring competition focuses on case studies of real companies with real issues, while the Autumn competition focus on business start-up prompts with specific constraints. Participants engage in investigative research, creative planning, and business pitches, nurturing critical skills that extend beyond the scope of the competition. Top university professors, congressmen, business executives, and industry experts are invited both as judges and audience members, taking active roles in the evaluation and feedback of students.


전세계에 퍼져있는 KBC 커뮤니티의 어드바이저, 강연가, 기업가 활동  



여러 세대 간의 지속적인 멘토 기회 제공, 커넥션 관리



많은 스타트업 아이디어 배출


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